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What an amazing day. Cameron is a gracious host and kind critic who’s passion for forging shows through in his patient tuition. His small, epic forge has everything you need from coffee and food to a an easy going, honest chap who gets you doing as much as you can on your own in the shortest and safest possible time. At the end of a day of heating (which is your friend!!) and hammering, you have something practical (which is actually useful and works) and the bragging rights to say “I made that”. Cameron and his forge are the guides to help you get there and this is definitely somewhere I will look to return to in the near future!

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What makes this experience unique is that it could possibly be the only place in Lincolnshire to offer such an experience, and one of very few in the country.

It is a very hands on, immersive experience which enables you to learn the skills of an age old craft. The wow factor of this is getting a hands on experience of being a blacksmith for the day, getting to use a forge which is a once in a lifetime experience for many, and making your own item of choice to take away as a memento of your experience.

This really did feel like something special, something that not everyone gets to do or would think that you could do for the day.


What was memorable for me about the experience was getting over the nerves of the open forge, to then learning from Cameron and then feeling that sense of achievement when you can use the forge yourself to start your creation. 

Judge's Testimonial, Lincolnshire Tourism Excellence Awards 2020

Dean has Just come back from his blacksmith day with Cameron Huggins Blacksmith , he is buzzing, he's learned but not mastered a lot of new skill and as made a candle bowel and welded it to this Victorian bridle hook to make a candle holder. Also a bespoke poker which doubles up as a fire for opener. Thank you Cameron Huggins , probably the best Xmas gift I've bought him, I am sure he will be back to book another.

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