Ideal for couples, a half-day (4 hour, 10am-2pm) blacksmithing taster experience is a condensed version of the full day course, offering the opportunity to get hands on from the very start. 


During your time on this experience you can choose to either work on something together, or if you prefer, work individually so you can each take something home (and of course compare your skillsets!). Within the 4 hour experience, you will get the opportunity to learn a varied set of skills tailored to the item that you wish to make, enabling you to really get a feel for the craft of blacksmithing. Within this timeframe, I'd suggest that you should be able to complete either a fire poker, a toasting fork, or a decorative hook.


All safety equipment is provided as well as plenty of tea and coffee. 


Please note that I am unable to accept bookings for one person on the half day experiences.

Half-day Taster Experience Voucher